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Simag Electric International Limited
Simag Electric International Co., Ltd (Simag Electric ShenZhen Co., Ltd) We kindly sell some famous factory automation products, the brands such as Siemens, Mitsubishi PLC, Schneider, AB, and so on. We are so stronger on Siemens Plc/ Siemens HMI /Siemens Inverters & Mitsubishi FA, AB-PLC, that we can sell them to many countries. We do the business based on high...    Read more

Allen-Bradley Operator Interface 2711 2711P HMI  2711P-K7C6B1

No. TEN8895316

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Allen-Bradley Operator Interface 2711 2711P HMI  2711P-K7C6B1
  • 2012-09-14
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  • 100Piece(s) Per Week
  • Quantity:New and Original Packing
    PS:For original One-year warranty
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Brief Description
All the products are new and original packing. If you are interested in our products, Please contact me for more details. Thank you.
Product Attributes
  • Place of Origin:
    United States
  • Brand Name:
    Allen Bradley
  • Model Number:
Detailed Description

We are a supplier of the Automation products. The Siemens, Allen Bradely, Omron , Mitsubishi, Schneider PLC are the major products in our company. if you have any needs or questions, pls contact me directly. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

2711P-T7C15A2 2711P-K7C6B1 2711P-K12C4B1 2711P-RN1 2711-T5A2L1 2711-T10C8
2711P-K4M20A 2711P-K7C6B2 2711P-K12C4B2 2711P-RN10H 2711-T5A3L1 2711-T10C8L1
2711P-K4M20D 2711P-K7C6D1 2711P-K12C4D1 2711P-RN15C 2711-T5A5L1 2711-T10C9
2711P-K4M3A 2711P-K7C6D2 2711P-K12C4D2 2711P-RN15S 2711-T5A8L1 2711-T10C9L1
2711P-K4M3D 2711P-T7C15A1 2711P-K12C6A1 2711P-RN22C 2711-T5A9L1 2711-T10G1
2711P-K4M5A 2711P-T7C15B1 2711P-K12C6A2 2711P-RN3 2711-B6C1 2711-T10G10
2711P-K4M5D 2711P-T7C15B2 2711P-K12C6B1 2711P-RN6 2711-B6C10 2711-T10G10L1
2711P-B6C1A 2711P-T7C15D1 2711P-K12C6B2 2711P-RN8 2711-B6C10L1 2711-T10G15
2711P-B6C1D 2711P-T7C15D2 2711P-K12C6D1 2711P-RP 2711-B6C15 2711-T10G15L1
2711P-B6C20A 2711P-T7C4A1 2711P-K12C6D2 2711P-RP1 2711-B6C15L1 2711-T10G16
2711P-B6C20D 2711P-T7C4A2 2711P-T12C15A1 2711P-RP1A 2711-B6C16 2711-T10G16L1
2711P-B6C3A 2711P-T7C4B1 2711P-T12C15A2 2711P-RP2 2711-B6C16L1 2711-T10G1L1
2711P-B6C3D 2711P-T7C4B2 2711P-T12C15B1 2711P-RP2A 2711-B6C1L1 2711-T10G20
2711P-B6C5A 2711P-T7C4D1 2711P-T12C15B2 2711P-RP2K 2711-B6C2 2711-T10G20L1
2711P-B6C5D 2711P-T7C4D2 2711P-T12C15D1 2711P-RP3 2711-B6C20 2711-T10G3
2711P-B6C8A 2711P-T7C6A1 2711P-T12C15D2 2711P-RP3A 2711-B6C20L1 2711-T10G3L1
2711P-B6C8D 2711P-T7C6A2 2711P-T12C4A1 2711P-RPA 2711-B6C2L1 2711-T10G8
2711P-B6M1A 2711P-T7C6B1 2711P-T12C4A2 2711-K3A10L1 2711-B6C3 2711-T10G8L1
2711P-B6M1D 2711P-T7C6B2 2711P-T12C4B1 2711-K3A17L1 2711-B6C3L1 2711-T10G9
2711P-B6M20A 2711P-T7C6D1 2711P-T12C4B2 2711-K3A2L1 2711-B6C5 2711-T10G9L1
2711P-B6M20D 2711P-T7C6D2 2711P-T12C4D1 2711-K3A5L1 2711-B6C5L1 2711E-K10C15
2711P-B6M3A 2711P-B10C15A1 2711P-T12C4D2 2711-M3A18L1 2711-B6C8 2711E-K10C6
2711P-B6M3D 2711P-B10C15A2 2711P-T12C4D2K 2711-M3A19L1 2711-B6C8L1 2711E-T10C15
2711P-B6M5A 2711P-B10C15B1 2711P-T12C6A1 2711-B5A1 2711-B6C9 2711E-T10C6
2711P-B6M5D 2711P-B10C15B2 2711P-T12C6A2 2711-B5A10 2711-B6C9L1 2711-ND3
2711P-B6M8A 2711P-B10C15D1 2711P-T12C6B1 2711-B5A10L1 2711-K6C1 2711E-ND1
2711P-B6M8D 2711P-B10C15D2 2711P-T12C6B2 2711-B5A10L2 2711-K6C10 2711E-ND7
2711P-K6C1A 2711P-B10C4A1 2711P-T12C6D1 2711-B5A10L3 2711-K6C10L1 2711-CF2M
2711P-K6C1D 2711P-B10C4A2 2711P-T12C6D2 2711-B5A15 2711-K6C15 2711-CK2M
2711P-K6C20A 2711P-B10C4B1 2711P-B15C15A1 2711-B5A15L1 2711-K6C15L1 2711-CK3M
2711P-K6C20D 2711P-B10C4D1 2711P-B15C15A2 2711-B5A15L2 2711-K6C16 2711-CT10C
2711P-K6C3A 2711P-B10C4D2 2711P-B15C15B1 2711-B5A16 2711-K6C16L1 2711-CT3M
2711P-K6C3D 2711P-B10C6A1 2711P-B15C15B2 2711-B5A16L1 2711-K6C1L1 2711-CT6C
2711P-K6C5A 2711P-B10C6A2 2711P-B15C15D1 2711-B5A1L1 2711-K6C2 2711-CT6M
2711P-K6C5D 2711P-B10C6B1 2711P-B15C15D2 2711-B5A1L2 2711-K6C20 2711-CRJ422
2711P-K6C8A 2711P-B10C6B2 2711P-B15C4A1 2711-B5A1L3 2711-K6C20L1 2711-CCBLUU02
2711P-K6C8D 2711P-B10C6D1 2711P-B15C4A2 2711-B5A2 2711-K6C2L1 2711-CRCSD
2711P-K6M1A 2711P-B10C6D2 2711P-B15C4B1 2711-B5A20 2711-K6C3 2711-NP1
2711P-K6M1D 2711P-K10C15A1 2711P-B15C4B2 2711-B5A20L1 2711-K6C3L1 2711E-UK12EK10
2711P-K6M20A 2711P-K10C15A2 2711P-B15C4D1 2711-B5A2L1 2711-K6C5 2711E-UKCK10
2711P-K6M20D 2711P-K10C15B1 2711P-B15C4D2 2711-B5A2L2 2711-K6C5L1 2711E-UT12ET10
2711P-K6M3A 2711P-K10C15B2 2711P-B15C6A1 2711-B5A2L3 2711-K6C8 2711E-UTCT10
2711P-K6M3D 2711P-K10C15D1 2711P-B15C6A2 2711-B5A3 2711-K6C8L1 2711E-UK14EK10
2711P-K6M5A 2711P-K10C4A2 2711P-B15C6B1 2711-B5A3L1 2711-K6C9 2711E-UT14ET10
2711P-K6M5D 2711P-K10C4B1 2711P-B15C6B2 2711-B5A3L2 2711-K6C9L1 2706-P22R
2711P-K6M8A 2711P-K10C4B2 2711P-B15C6D1 2711-B5A3L3 2711-T6C10L1 2706-P42C
2711P-K6M8D 2711P-K10C4D1 2711P-B15C6D2 2711-B5A5 2711-T6C15L1 2706-P42R
2711P-T6C1A 2711P-K10C4D2 2711P-K15C15A1 2711-B5A5L1 2711-T6C16L1 2706-P44C
2711P-T6C1D 2711P-K10C6A1 2711P-K15C15A2 2711-B5A5L2 2711-T6C1L1 2706-P44R
2711P-T6C20A 2711P-K10C6A2 2711P-K15C15B1 2711-B5A5L3 2711-T6C20L1 2706-P72CN1
2711P-T6C20D 2711P-K10C6B1 2711P-K15C15B2 2711-B5A8 2711-T6C2L1 2706-P72CN2
2711P-T6C3A 2711P-K10C6B2 2711P-K15C15D1 2711-B5A8L1 2711-T6C3L1 2706-P74CN1
2711P-T6C3D 2711P-K10C6D1 2711P-K15C15D2 2711-B5A8L2 2711-T6C5L1 2706-P74CN2
2711P-T6C5A 2711P-K10C6D2 2711P-K15C4A1 2711-B5A8L3 2711-T6C8L1 2706-P92C
2711P-T6C5D 2711P-T10C15A1 2711P-K15C4A2 2711-B5A9 2711-T6C9L1 2706-P94C
2711P-T6C8A 2711P-T10C15A2 2711P-K15C4B1 2711-B5A9L1 2711-K10C1 2706-PCNETK
2711P-T6C8D 2711P-T10C15B1 2711P-K15C4B2 2711-B5A9L2 2711-K10C10 2706-PCNETM
2711P-T6M1A 2711P-T10C15B2 2711P-K15C4D1 2711-B5A9L3 2711-K10C10L1 2706-PCNETP
2711P-T6M1D 2711P-T10C15D1 2711P-K15C4D2 2711-K5A1 2711-K10C15 2706-PDH485K
2711P-T6M20A 2711P-T10C15D2 2711P-K15C6A1 2711-K5A10 2711-K10C15L1 2706-PDH485M
2711P-T6M20D 2711P-T10C4A1 2711P-K15C6A2 2711-K5A10L1 2711-K10C16 2706-PDH485P
2711P-T6M3A 2711P-T10C4A2 2711P-K15C6B1 2711-K5A10L2 2711-K10C16L1 2706-PDHPK
2711P-T6M3D 2711P-T10C4B1 2711P-K15C6B2 2711-K5A10L3 2711-K10C1L1 2706-PDHPM
2711P-T6M5A 2711P-T10C4B2 2711P-K15C6D1 2711-K5A15 2711-K10C20 2706-PDHPP
2711P-T6M5D 2711P-T10C4D1 2711P-K15C6D2 2711-K5A15L1 2711-K10C20L1 2706-PDNETK
2711P-T6M8A 2711P-T10C4D2 2711P-T15C15A1 2711-K5A15L2 2711-K10C3 2706-PDNETM
2711P-T6M8D 2711P-T10C6A1 2711P-T15C15A2 2711-K5A15L3 2711-K10C3L1 2706-PDNETP
2711P-B7C15A1 2711P-T10C6A2 2711P-T15C15B1 2711-K5A16 2711-K10C8 2706-PENET1
2711P-B7C15A2 2711P-T10C6B1 2711P-T15C15B2 2711-K5A16L1 2711-K10C8L1 2706-PENETK
2711P-B7C15B1 2711P-T10C6B2 2711P-T15C15D1 2711-K5A1L1 2711-K10C9 2706-PENETM